Updates as they come in

Nov 4th, 2018

We just completed our 2018 annual meeting and will post the meeting minutes on the owners page when we complete them. Owners that do not have access to the owner's page should contact the webmaster email address below to learn how. 

August 8th, 2018

The current ranch condition is in good shape. The post road grading surface condition is excellent, with only surviving weeds in places. The Russian Thistle is expected to linger, but is much better than last year. Please expect the Road and gate updates on the respective page moving forward.

July 4th, 2018

A very quiet Independence Day at the ranch, but probably due to the Wednesday holiday. For the owners and guests that were here, they received a nice Airforce C-17 Flyby around Buckhorn Mt. A benefit of the nearby parade. 

July 1st, 2018

Finally the website is up! Why the change? Basically, the previous web builder we had went South a year or more ago and wouldn't permit updates etc. So...........what did we do? We fired them, went to the painstaking measure of transferring the domain registration, and then built the new site on GoDaddy. We hope you enjoy the new site and help add content for the association. If you have any photos or news, please send to the webmaster email listed at the bottom of each page and we will add it to the respective page.

Please see updates on the other pages as we will try and keep road updates on the road page and cabana updates on the cabana page. Imagine that..........organization!

In other news, the annual HOA Dues went out in June and are due today. Please be sure to send your check in ASAP to help operate our terrific ranch. 

Please note: The Owners page is not quite set up yet, but when complete it will be used to provide details pertinent to the operation of the ranch and owner responsibilities. We plan on keeping this site more dynamic with information with your support. Afterall, this is your ranch.

More to come later. Please enjoy!