Upper Cowboy Gate


The gate is operational as of 8-8-18 and recently received a new motor belt replacing the original unit. 

Hanna Rd Gate


The gate was inoperative for a period of time waiting for new limit switches to replace the original units. The switches, motor belt, and battery were replaced as of 8-8-18 and is now operational

Roads and Gates

Nov 4th, 2018

The lower Cowboy rd gate control unit was replaced. All of the gates are over 10 years old, but this is the only unit that required replacement due to corrosion. If any gates appear to have issues, please ensure to inform the webmaster on the bottom of the page.

Thank you. 

Aug 10th, 2018

The gate keypad posts will eventually need to be replaced with most likely steel since the wood is becoming dry rotted after 13 years. The Board will discuss the plan at the Annual Meeting.

July 4th, 2018

We conducted a survey of the recent road sign installations and found 2 locations that need adjusted/improved. The Flycast/Cowboy rd. intersection and the Cowboy/Lariat loop intersection, need additional Cowboy signs to clearly illustrate the directions. We may need to relocate the sign post locations, but will evaluate that when we obtain the new signs. These will need to be ordered from the county, so it will take some time.

We changed the battery on the upper Cowboy gate, so its up and operational again. The Hanna gate needs new activation switches, which we will put on order with our gate provider. 

We plan on replacing the small Methow River Ranch signs that were here originally. We need a fresh and clean appearance after all these years. 

July 1st, 2018

We recently installed the road signs in every location we expected to need guidance. If there are any shortfalls or confusion with placement, please let us know. A couple locations may need arrows for clarity, but we will evaluate this in time.

All of the roads have been graded following the spring snow melt and the subsequent weed spraying complete. This is our routine plan each year, which we would like to think is clock work, however, the weather can affect how well the roads stay clean.